About Us

get to know Finn & Lydia better

Finn Murray is owner of The Hopsack, (@thehopsack) a second-generation health food store in Rathmines, Dublin, that has carved a path for the last 40 years bringing sound health advice to its local community. Finn is a knowledgeable and passionate natural health advocate and enjoys sharing his insight on many health conditions gleaned over years of experience in helping the public manage and support their health and that of their families. Lydia Sasse (@yogawithlydia) is a yoga therapist, wellness coach, women’s health teacher and podcast host.

She specialises in the areas of womb life from the first period through fertility pregnancy birth and into menopause and beyond. She teaches niche areas such as face and eye yoga and yoga for children with additional needs along with providing chair yoga for corporate wellness and all levels of ability. Finn and Lydia have spent the past years focused on sharing their expertise and knowledge with the collective community in order to make health accessible for all. Their passions for health and wellbeing have brought them together as Wandering into Wellness. Their crossover of talents and areas of interest has culminated in a series of holistic health and wellness workshops. These workshops provide attendees with up-to-date health and nutrition information in a format that is relatable for their attendees. The duo focus on sharing their  enthusiasm for health with your team by including plenty of practical take-aways that their audience can implement immediately to improve their daily life.