An Introduction to Our Corporate Work

Your Team Is On A Journey

Now more than ever people are craving connection, collaboration and camaraderie.

With your employees working remotely, providing them with support to remain

productive, engaged and connected is essential for their long and short-term job

satisfaction, health and wellbeing. With Wandering into Wellness we can help you to

help your team by reinforcing healthy behaviour and habits whilst ensuring it

doesn’t become a chore. Our hour-long workshops have been designed

to cover a broad range of topics in the health and wellbeing sphere. Your business

can choose to sign up for an individual workshop or a regular program of events,

depending on the ever-evolving needs of your team.

Your team is on a journey – with your company, with their families and friends, with

themselves. But, their health is the only journey they truly take on their own. It’s with this internal adventure that Wandering Into

Wellness can help. Let us come and support them on their path

to better health, meeting them at their level to provide the tools they need to optimise

their nutrition, create movement and stillness practices, to reach their personal health

goals, to better understand and manage their emotions and stress levels, to help them

achieve peak performance personally and professionally and to really enjoy their

journey as they come Wandering Into Wellness with us.

Step 1
Email us some details for your office/work group needs and budget.

Step 2
We will contact you for a brief conversation to drill down into the details and develop a package that makes sense for you.

Step 3
Schedule delivery dates and decide how you want to implement your program – in person or online?  Do you want added extras for your service? Let us breath life into your workplace wellness program!  We offer lots of exciting ways to enrich your team’s welfare – from carefully curated health hampers, to weekly organic veg drops and customised journalling tools , to overhauling your office cleaning supplies with non-toxic effective alternatives – we can integrate health into every level of your business!!