Work With Us One-to-One

Tailor Made Consults – Private Packages

Our greatest opportunity to assist you in making real change to your health is when we work directly with you. With one-off consultations we can break down your patterns and help you to achieve change in your daily health practices – diet, lifestyle, movement and supplementation recommendations are the main tools we use. We also run partnership packages, where we can really get to work with you, developing effective and life changing strategies and walking you through the evolution hand-in-hand.

Whether your goals are 

  • Skincare Solutions
  • Weight Loss
  • Fertility
  • Blood Sugar Management,
  • Pain Relief
  • Stress Reduction
  • Energy Support
  • Strength and Fitness
  • Mental Health and Mindfulness
  • Immunity
  • Kid’s Health and Conscious Parenting
  • Optimising & Exploring Sexual Health
  • Functional Movement & Maintaining Vitality into Older Age

One Time Consult including follow up email cost €200

Skincare Support Service

Natural health fundamentals should be your go-to for any skin conditions.  With our understanding of your body’s needs, and what your skin’s specific characteristics are showing us, we can input the right supports and you will quickly see the sort of change that many people struggle for years to achieve.  The pathway to having that skin that everyone wants – clear, plump and glowing – is to combine internal nutritional support, plant medicine, with organic cosmetic routines, and facial sculpting processes such as face yoga and gua sha.

Our Foundational Skincare Package

Spend a full hour with us, unpacking your skincare needs and building in the steps to make up your very own tailored stellar skincare routine.

Cost €200

Our Radiant Skin Confidence Package

Get the full benefit of the full skincare routine work-up, and then spend a further 1 hour each with Lydia and Finn, where Lydia will guide you through face yoga, gua sha and breathwork routines to maximise that all important lymphatic drainage, and bring vitality and tone to the tissues around your face and neck.  Then Finn will work through dietary specifics, addressing your current food practices and looking at key herbs that suit your own constitution and skin type, giving you a toolkit of tips and tricks and ultimately filling you with confidence to bring radiance to your skin from the inside out. 


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Tailored Monthly Health Support Program


This approach facilitates a closer relationship than a one-off consultation basis, and allows us to go deeper with you the client, to explore your current practices and safely and effectively guide you towards new habits and rituals that better serve your short and long term health goals.  The benefit of engaging on more regular twice monthly check ins, gives us the opportunity to tweak, resolve and refine the guidance as needed, and maintains accountability in a supportive manner that better fosters growth and keeps you on track, helping you to feel good about living in the process. Enjoying and not enduring the journey is one of our main tenets in our approach – if it’s not fun, then it won’t work.  We’re excited to go on this journey with you.

1 X 1HR INITIAL CONSULT with follow up action point email


7 days of bespoke meal plans  – 3 meals per day plus snacks

Nutrition and herbal supplement guidelines and support

10% discount online from for duration of program (also applies to organic veg box subscriptions)

First Month: €520

Subsequent Months: €300 (includes 2 x 0.5hr consults and email support, revised 7 day meal plan, nutrition and herbal guidance plus continued online 10% discount from