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When we started our podcast we never knew where this path would take us. We engaged in conversation with each other, sharing our insights and knowledge within the realms of health we both understood, and then came a time when sought outside voices. We wanted to consult with experts in the field of health that could fill in the gaps for us, and help us pull back the curtain and see all the depth that the world of wellness has to offer.

From renowned experts in Taoism, to local healers and wisdom keepers, our podcast journey has brought us to places we could never have dreamed. We looked into the dark areas, to have the conversations that weren’t being had – we didn’t shy away from topics that were considered taboo, we were magnetised towards them. We knew and know that these conversations were the ones that were most needed, that could help us and our audience to heal together.

And then our listeners told us they wanted more detailed and tailored health advice and so we moved into delivering webinars, workshops and immersive events that took our knowledge in health to new platforms and refined it to suit the varying needs of groups and individuals who could benefit.

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