Sustainability Sessions

Working towards a brighter future

“We have the choice to use the gift of our life to make the world a better place. Or not bother.”

Jane Goodall

Our commitment to a brighter future has to begin by educating and supporting those who will be there to make it happen. We believe the best learning does not happen through the pages of a book, but rather engaged in everyday living, out in the world, hands on, exploring and in active relationship with life

We have designed these sustainability sessions with this ethos in mind. Drawing on the tenets of curiosity, play and excitement – we try to fuel these bright minds with the belief that they have real agency to make change. Through our interactive workshops we explore many dynamic and challenging real world issues, giving the students the opportunity to tease out the tensions between the choices they make for themselves and their impact on the wider world. With this approach, they can start to see how their choices spread out and affect our global community.

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